Sponsoring the BSN school developments

One of BSET's key aims is to sponsor new and existing schools. The schools that have established BSET will work collectively alongside the lead school to provide capacity and leadership to ensure that the new schools fit harmoniously within the local family of schools.

Our proposals are based on a very clear understanding of the local community need and of how to continue to consistently deliver excellent education in Bishop's Stortford as the town expands. This is a great opportunity to ensure that the high standards in our existing schools are also shared within the BSET schools.

The local area is fortunate to boast a proud record in education provision and it is the aim of the BSET, by harnessing this existing success and building on the current collaborative approach, to develop the three schools in the north of Bishop's Stortford. How this will work is shown in the diagram below.

BSET Structure Diagram

Members – The members meet annually, with their main roles being the appointment of directors to the Board of Trustees; ensuring the financial propriety of the Trust; and monitoring that the Trust's activities are in line with the company articles.

Trustees – The trustees, who are yet to be appointed, will be chaired by the independent chair, David Royle. Trustees will meet twice a term. They will be responsible for strategic overview; monitoring the overarching vision; holding the schools to account for their results, both financially and for the delivery of the highest standards of education to the children in their schools.

Committees – There will be three committees, supporting the work of the Trustees;

  • Admissions and strategy;
  • Resources;
  • School improvement and student welfare.

Local governing bodies – The schools will have the freedom to translate the overarching vision into reality for their local community. This is the role for the local governing body, in conjunction with the head of each school.