BSET timescale

Key milestone Comment
To submit a bid to sponsor the three proposed schools in BSN Autumn 2016 BSET will bid for sponsorship of the new BSN schools to Herts County Council (HCC) who are administering the assessment process
HCC Assessment Panel meet to agree on preferred bid Winter 2016 Panel of Headteachers and HCC senior planners meet to discuss bids and put forward a preferred bidder to the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) and the RSC Board
DfE approve sponsor Spring 2017 DfE confirm successful bidder
BSET provide contingency admission arrangements* Autumn 2017 On the basis that BSET is successful, we will provide contingency admission arrangements across our schools so that new residents moving into BSN before the new schools are built will have dual registration at an existing primary or secondary school before moving across to the new schools when complete
Staff / resource and lead 2FE School ready for opening September 2018 Full consultation with regards to the appointment of key leaders for each school – these posts will be filled through competitive interviews – the Headteacher will be given the remit to work alongside BSET and appoint other staff
BSET provide contingency admission arrangements* Autumn 2018 As above
Staff / resource 3FE Primary / 6FE Secondary - September 2019 As above - each of the schools will be led by independent Headteachers who will work to fulfill the aims and objectives of the BSN MAT
BSN Schools once established become full members of BSET All children who have been dual registered transfer to new schools – BSET supports the schools to have rising rolls


¹BSET Member schools at primary and secondary sector to provide additional places for new residents of BSN on dual registration basis so these students transfer to the new schools upon opening.

²It is planned that BSET supports these three schools to successfully open and admit local children until a point where the respective schools become self-sufficient, self-sustaining and successful. At this point, the schools would become equal members of BSET and the formal sponsorship agreement dissolves.