Our vision for educational provision in BSN

Bishop's Stortford Education Trust (BSET) will create a multi-academy trust (MAT) to provide a high-quality, all-through education for the young people living in the new Bishop's Stortford North (BSN) housing development. The MAT will consist of one 2-form entry primary school (including nursery provision) and one 3-form entry primary school, with the possible addition of a third primary school in the east of the BSN development. In addition, it will boast a 6-form entry 11-18 secondary school, thus allowing students to progress from reception right through to the sixth form within the trust. These schools will fit harmoniously within the network of existing schools and share our beliefs in collaboration, community cohesion and equal partnership.

We will provide a highly effective, all-through, mixed-sex learning experience for local children. The MAT will provide each of the 3 or 4 schools with clarity and consistency but also allow them to work autonomously and independently. The new schools will all foster an inclusive ethos that ensures all students, regardless of ability or family circumstance, receive a high-quality education that enables them to fulfil their potential. They will each have high aspirations and promote a culture of success, where students are encouraged to grow and think independently, whilst being provided with the care and guidance they need to steer them on their journey of life-long learning and be prepared for university, training or employment. Every child will develop skills beyond the classroom and be given many opportunities to make a valuable contribution to both the local and wider communities. A broad, balanced curriculum will run throughout all schools within the MAT, ensuring a seamless transition between the primary and secondary phases. Strong leadership and high standards will ensure each child is safe, happy and able to flourish.

What will be unique about our proposal?

BSET will combine the many strengths that provide much of the existing highly successful local education to ensure the future educational needs of the community are met as the town continues to grow. We are in a unique position to understand the tensions and demands for education in our area and have the capacity to truly engage with local stakeholders, working co-operatively and harmoniously to achieve our objectives. The number of schools within BSET means we are well placed to provide appropriate staff training and cope with the transition phase during the construction of the new schools and the housing development.

Furthermore, the unique opportunity to establish all-through provision will also develop best practice around primary-secondary progression from which our other member schools will also benefit. Our wider objectives set out above, of creating a new primary-secondary partnership for Bishop's Stortford and the surrounding area, make this an extremely exciting and timely proposal.